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Pat Munts

Pat Munts spent her childhood in the forests and on the beaches of southern Puget Sound where her father, a research chemist for a paper company, taught her to be curious about everything. She honed her horticulture skills at Oregon State University before moving to Spokane with her geologist husband in 1976. For the past 30 years, she has been active in horticulture and gardening as a landscape and nursery person, a freelance garden writer for the Spokesman Review and Master Gardener Magazine, a WSU Master Gardener and a WSU Extension program coordinator. She has gardened on the same piece of property in the Spokane Valley for 28 years and has dealt with weeds, bugs, cold, heat, drought and fire at one time or another over the years.

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Mark Turner

Mark Turner photographs extensively for books and magazines both in gardens and in a wide range of native plant environments.  He combines a strong sense of photographic design, attention to detail, curiosity about both native and garden plants, and more than 25 years of gardening and exploring native plants in their environments.  He is the photographer and co-author of Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest, published by Timber Press in 2006 and the winner of an American Horticultural Society book award in 2007.

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